The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children

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During the last 50 years, the United States progressed immensely as a country, and the definition of a ‘family’ was altered several times to fit the need for the variations that started to exist. The rate of people marrying has been declining, and more people are postponing getting married. In addition, more marriages are terminated today due to divorce rather than death (Rasul, 2006 p. 30). Although an ancient tradition, divorce rates have been skyrocketing, and the current rates are virtually unprecedented in any industrial society. Many factors might lead to a divorce, and they include: conflicting cultural backgrounds, age differences, child presence, and many more (Schoen, 1975 p. 548). In this research paper, I will attempt to examine the effects of divorce on children, and try to examine how children learn to cope with life after divorce. The United States increasing divorce rates can be attributed to women being more self-sufficient. Today, more women are in the workforce, and this has lead to the creation of financial benefits and financial self-stability. A marriage can be terminated without generating a financial dependency complication (Hughes, 2005 p. 1-5).

Bradford Wilcox, W. (2009). The State of Our Unions: Marriage in America 2009. 43. Most researchers agree that a parental divorce leads to a greater chance of negative developmental outcomes in children. A negative developmental outcome is determined through factors such as: externalizing…
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