The Effects Of Divorce On Children And The Association With Children 's Self Esteem By Kim Bastaits

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Taylor Rydberg
Sociology 134
Library Research Project I’m sure everyone has heard that roughly fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. I’m not entirely sure that static is still true, but still a lot of marriages do end in divorce. I am a child of divorce. My parents got divorced when I was around five years old. I’m always very interested in the affects divorce has on children, since I am one. Our society has changed to mostly accept divorce. I think divorce is related to the course material because it’s happening a lot in our society; sociology is the study of social behavior, organization, and development. I’m interested in how divorced fathers affect their children’s future. In the research paper, Parenting of Divorced Fathers and the Association with Children’s Self-Esteem by Kim Bastaits, Koen Ponnet, and Dimitri Mortelmans discusses how married fathers, fathers that have joint custody, and non-residential fathers affected their children’s self-esteem. The longitudinal study collected data from 587 children. Half were boys and half were girls. The researchers wanted to dig deeper into the research of children’s self-esteem and it’s relationship with the parenting of divorced dads. The researchers compared the differences in the parenting situations: married fathers, joint custody fathers, and non-residential fathers. Next, the researchers performed several models to see what the association was connecting the fathers parenting situations and…
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