The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Children

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Thinking about divorce? Before making any decisions, think about your child’s emotions toward your decision. Maybe that will change your mind. Every child is different, so every child will accept and adapt to a change like this differently. In this paper I will be discussing the impact of divorce on children, children’s adaptations to their situations, and finally, my journey through parents’ divorce. Psychological Impact of Divorce on Children In 2010, a comparative study on the psychological adjustment of preschool children from divorced and nuclear families in the nursery school. The research consisted of 30 children from divorced families, and 30 children from nuclear families. Children showed no differences in their general school adjustment, social skills, and school performance, but there were significant correlations between the quality of intrapersonal relationships and school performance, and the form of the family and the emergence of emotional and/or behavior problems. Children were also told to draw an imaginary family in the frame of test of family, this experiment showed significant differences between the two groups of the sample at hand. This research shows that we should not forget that children’s adaptation and success in school are closely related to their social and emotional well-being, which is highly effected by divorce and family situation. A study in 2013 was also conducted to determine if there is a relationship between single-parent households
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