The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Children’s exposure to domestic violence is a problem that researchers are becoming more interested in. How children are affected by an issue that is primarily discussed as being directly affected by spouses and partners is the current question. Domestic violence is an issue that affects the children in those environments even worse is the answer. In this research paper through qualitative and quantitative data from peer reviewed articles, questions like: what is domestic violence? How does it affect children whom are involved? What do statistics say? What are the short-term and long term affects it plays on children? Where does the human service profession come into play? What has been done to help children who are exposed
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Further research is also needed to further implement and provide knowledge on the issue for further improvements and recommendations.

Domestic violence disputes have been an increasingly important topic to address but today’s society has been more prevalent about speaking out against it and putting numerous acts of help for victims of such. “Since August 2012, the Affordable Care Act has required private insurance companies to cover routine screening and counseling for intimate partner violence (IPV) as an essential health service for women at no additional cost to the patient,” (Bair-Merritt , Zuckerman, Augustyn., & Cronholm, 2013, pg.1673). Although the initiation of this act is found to be a great step towards combating domestic violence, such profound screenings however, tend to overlook and not take into consideration the exposure that the children of inter partner violence relationships experience. According to Bair-Merritt, Zuckerman, Augustyn and Cronhom (2013) there is a significant amount of severe violence that is being witnessed by children; statistically he says that on average 7 million (pg. 1673). Domestic violence is not just a parent situation; it is a child’s situation too. In recent years and years to come children and how they are affected by domestic violence will be a topic as well. Due to current research that has been presented there has been an ample amount of opportunity and obligation says Bair-Merritt et al. (2013), to identifying
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