The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children And Children

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A place where they can find counseling, a place that offers legal assistance with divorce and child custody also with getting orders of protection, a place that victims and survivors can feel safe, a place they can call home for as long as needed. We at Stop the Violence You Are Not Alone-CCMG want to raise awareness about Domestic Violence. Furthermore, we want to help women and children across the Chicago area with a goal of expanding nationwide.(lets start nationwide…) As a Domestic Violence survivor, I want to create an atmosphere where women and children feel safe. Many women don’t realize the danger that they are in.
Domestic Violence is the control of one partner over another in dating, marital or live in relationships. In addition, Domestic Violence is a pervasive and life-threatening crime effecting millions of individuals across our nation. Domestic violence occurs within every culture and age group. It affects people from all socioeconomic, educational, and religious backgrounds and takes place in same sex as well as in heterosexual relationships.

Paragraph Domestic Violence can affect individuals in various ways, emotionally, psychologically (mentally), physically, sexually, and economically. According to the National Coalition Against Women (NCAW), 1 out of every 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each year approximately 7 million women are…
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