The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
Many children witness domestic violence each day. Most times, children witness their mothers being abuse by their fathers, step-fathers, or mother’s boyfriends. According to Couchenour and Chrisman (2011), “Women and children are at greater risk of being victims of abuse than are men” (p. 131). Witnessing violence or being abused at home has serious effects on children. This article explains the short-term and long-term effects that domestic violence has on children.
At the beginning, the article states that three to four million children witness domestic violence in their household. Then, it clarifies that witnessing domestic violence can range from seeing the actual incident to seeing its aftermath. The article explains the different emotions, such as anger and fear, that children whom witness domestic violence can feel. The article also describes the most common behaviors these children display at home and school. Lastly, the article thoroughly explains the distinct emotional and physical effects that domestic violence has on children.
Interesting Information
Reading this article, helped me learn a lot about domestic violence. Before reading this article, I was under the impression that witnessing domestic violence was only seeing the incident. After reading this article, I learned that witnessing also includes hearing the incident, seeing the aftermath, and being aware of the tension at home. I learned that seeing the
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