The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children And Children

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Abstract My field study took place at shelter for Abused women, a safe house for battered woman, the house accommodate their client for 30days while they find other resources to help them move on with their life. Domestic abused affect women and children. Lots of women are more at risk in their own home. Spouse abuses happen when one person in the marriage chooses to control the other party by using fair intimidation physical, emotional abuse. Domestic violence displaced many families because they are trying to get away from their abuser. Abuse can range from physical, mentally, emotional or psychological. One of every 5 woman are said to have experience an abuse from their partner.
The effect of Domestic violence is not just on the mother it affect the children too. Shelter is the safe haven for just a little period for the victim to stay. Most of the abuse woman still ends up going back to their abuser.

Domestic violence aggressive behavior in home, involving abuse of a spouse
The effect of Domestic violence is not just on the mother also on the children, so many children has been exposed to the violence. Domestic violence is more common than people actually know; it’s been a long standing problem in the world. Domestic violence can happen with heterosexual couples or partner of the same sex, even within young ones that are still dating. It happen within poor, rich white, Black, immigrant and more .We have seen it among our
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