The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Domestic violence is a type of abuse which usually occurs between two people who are in a relationship. There are many types of domestic abuse, not all of which are physical. The types of abuse suffered by somebody living in a violent relationship could be emotional, physical, sexual, financial or psychological. Domestic abuse can occur during and after a relationship. Especially if there is a connection between the two people within the relationship for example children. For many years domestic violence was seen as something which happened to women only. This is now understood not to be the case as many men suffer domestic violence within relationships.

The effects on children living within violent, volatile households is a concern for professionals involved with children. It is now recognised as a form of abuse and any child which is seen to be living in a dangerous household may be removed for their own safety and emotional well-being. This can although be hard for professionals to prove as people living in violent relationships often hide the fact they are being abused and almost protect the offender. Educational settings working with children are trained to safeguard children within their care although the quality of this training throughout the country is questionable and improvements may need to be implemented to ensure children and the victims of domestic violence are being protected and the offenders of this crime are brought to justice.

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