The Effects Of Domestic Violence On The Lives Of Caucasian, African American, And Latina Women

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Abstract: The topic of domestic violence plays an significant role in the social norms of many societies. This paper presents an integrative approach to women surviving abuse over the course of life... Working with racially victimized women who have experienced violence in their relationships. Domestic violence can be as simple as emotional abuse with words to something as severe as murder to murder suicide. For women who experience abuse in childhood or adulthood, the assumptions are that surviving includes seeking help. This article presents an exploratory study on the prevalence of victimization in the lives of Caucasian, African American, and Latina women, if and to whom they disclosed their victimization, and where they turned for…show more content…
She describes that confronting the bully, by fightback, sharing with friend and family for intervention, are different strategies used by victims. In some case the victim is unable to equalize this power over the bully. Which can prolong, ongoing humiliation dealing with issues, such as divorce in the family, drastic learning disabilities, as well as chronic illness potently can cause a breaking point. Having low self-esteem, depression, and suicidal and homicidal ideations. Some victims carry the hurt of bullying into adulthood. More or less victims tend to lose faith in other people for comfort and support. She contends “the adverse social and emotional consequences of bullying victimization do not support the idea that bullying builds character. Victimization may build character for a tiny proportion of the population.” (Kuykendall 2012). Bullying for the most part can be traumatic and painful should not be silently approved. Bullies hold social power than the victims. However attacks arise from frustration. Provocative victims are typically sincerely sorry and very apologetic after an attack, a reflection of genuine or low self-esteem. True bullies consume high self-esteem. In additionally, Dennis Lines article, What is Bullying? A person’s behavior defines as physically intimidating and aggressive, for most
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