The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Women

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Introduction Violence against women has been recognised internationally by the world Health Organization (WHO, 2013).Women has been facing different types of violence since the age of 15 such as physical, emotional or verbal abuse. The highest prevalence of domestic violence (DV) is from their intimate partner/perpetrator both physical & emotional (WHO, 2013). It has been depicted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2013) that rate of domestic violence against women by their intimate partner will increase in future. The main objective of this paper is to endorse awareness and educate all women who has experienced or are potential of undergoing domestic violence. This paper is significant of women in general who are victims of domestic violence by their intimate partner & for those who are potential victims. The health promotion program developed will make a significant change to the victim’s life. This will also empower women’s rights & prevent avoidable upcoming events.
The Planning cycle To recognize the development of the program a planning cycle must be used. This planning cycle accumulate all aspects of planning into a intangible & integrated process. To generate this program, the features that are included are community assessment, designing the program, developing an action plan, implement the program, process evaluation , re-design & re-implement the program , impact and/outcome evaluation (Talbo&Verrinder,2013). This paper highlights the…
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