The Effects Of Dominance Aggression On Pet Dogs

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Research Methods
Assessment One – Critical Report

The authors of this particular research paper are Joaquin Perez-Guisado and Andres Munoz-Serrano. The title of the article is “Factors Linked to Dominance Aggression in Dogs” and has been taken from the Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, Volume 8, Issue 2. The page numbers for the article are 336 – 342 and the publish date is 2009. The main aim of this study was to determine factors that might be linked to dominance aggression in pet dogs. The research carried out was qualitative and involves the use of surveys and interviews, and explores certain factors relating to a topic. Qualitative methods, such as interviews, are believed to provide a 'deeper ' understanding of social phenomena than would be obtained from purely quantitative methods (Gill et al., 2008). There was significant association between certain dog behaviour patterns and higher levels of dominance aggression. As a whole, the research method and survey appears to have been considerably well done with only a few adjustments to be made if it were to be repeated or further investigated.
The methodology for this article has both good and bad points to consider. For example the sample size is very large and a total of 711 dogs were involved, with an equal amount (give or take a few) of male and female dogs taking part. Only owners with dogs older than 12 months were interviewed and there was a mixture of both pure-bred and mixed breed dogs. A total of 47

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