The Effects Of Dramatic Play On Children

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Dramatic play gives children many opportunities to grow and learn. Children will learn communication skills, physical skills and children will also be able to use imagination and be able to be creative with their own ideas. Dramatic play can give children so many opportunities to grow without them even knowing.
Dramatic play will help children gain communication skills just by talking with the other children. In order for the children to play together they must listen to one another and be able to respond correctly to the question or statement. As the article, How do Young Children Learn through Play points out, “Actual studies have demonstrated cognitive benefits such as increases in language usage including subjunctives, future tenses, and adjectives” (Sege, 2012, p.1). Children are learning even when they are “just playing” we may not see it as educational, but there are many components involved in play. Children who feel stressed or are just having a bad day may take out their anger or stress through play. In Marie E. Cecchini article How Dramatic Play Can Enhance Learning states; “They develop the skills they need to cooperate with their peers, learn to control their impulses, and tend to be less aggressive than children who do not engage in this type of play”(Cecchini, 2008,p.1). Children who engage in play can behave differently than they normally would because they are playing as someone else. By acting out a different role children learn how to control their
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