The Effects Of Drinking On College Students

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During the day and age of being a youth, it is very common to make decisions without thinking and not understanding the risks that come with them. Alcohol has been a major influence on college students and many of these students are unaware of the damage that is being caused by abusing it. What students in this age group do not understand is that their brain is still developing slowly and this process does not finish until they reach adulthood. Drinking can have harmful effects on the development of the brain, which has a major impact on the student as they age. College is a very stressful time period for some and a common mistake is students abusing the amount of alcohol they consume to cope with the stress they have. The question that comes to my mind is why do those who are fully aware of what they 're doing to themselves continue to drink? This issue needs to be addressed more strictly to prevent damage on college students. They are working their hardest to achieve the goals that they want and find themselves potentially being affected by a destructive habit. Alcohol can affect a student past the textbook since some effects are permanent. Peer pressure is a commonly associated term to describe others in a group pressuring you to do something because a majority is. When the question of drinking comes to my mind, I believe that the most common reason that students drink is simply the fact that everybody else is associating themselves with it too and they are trying to
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