The Effects Of Drinking On Underage Drinking

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Effects Drinking has on Underaged Drinkers Underage drinking is the most abused substance in the U.S, and accounts for over 4,300 deaths yearly. Drinking, is not only unhealthy but even worse for developing teens. The human brain doesn’t stop developing until 25. It impairs judgment, causes brain damage, and most importantly lifestyles. Nineteen percent of underage people 16 to 20 got in the car with intoxicated drivers. This caused $68 billion dollars in medical bills. When an underage drinker decides to take a drink of alcohol they don’t realize the harm they are putting themselves in. They don’t realize that it can kill them if they drink too much. Alcohol poisoning can kill and it kills those who don’t realize that it’s enough. Not only is alcohol poisoning dangerous impaired judgement is just as endangering. Even if your blood alcohol content isn’t 0.8 or below it doesn’t, mean that you are okay to drive or do anything that involves putting others in danger, and it still is illegal. Adolescents have different social and emotional characteristics and experience physical and emotional changes that can affect their social and mental development. Some of these characteristics and changes can increase the likelihood that youth will find themselves in dangerous and risky situations when using alcohol at a time when they are particularly vulnerable to negative outcomes from drinking. Additionally, youth with mental health issues, such as depression or attention
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