The Effects Of Droughts On Natural Disasters

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Annually, many countries undergo the experience of natural disasters including: floods, droughts, typhoons, earthquakes, forest fires and volcanic explosions. Even with today 's advanced science and technology, people cannot control them. The causes and effects of droughts are of as much importance as well as possible solutions for dealing with droughts should they occur: as goes the old adage,’ know thy enemy’. A drought is a prolonged, abnormally dry length of time with in a region, where there is not enough water to support healthy growth of plants, and a sustainable water supply, and is heavily influenced by climatic regimes. Drought brings impact on people as well as on nature, such as New Zealand being particularly affected economically as the dairy industry suffers in these events as the grasses wither and dry. The effects ' of a drought event on nature as well as people carries potential for catastrophe; these catastrophes can form effects that combine with other hazards such as landslides or wild fires to create further devastation. Exploring the relationship between climate change and drought particularly will be of interest in order to reveal potential future scenarios and what to expect should current expectations on these events change in time.
Climate is the long term patterns of weather (Abbott, 2009), climate change is simply a change in these patterns over the same length of time these patterns operate in, and may be induced naturally from cyclic processes…
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