The Effects Of Drug Abuse Among Youth

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There is a growing trend of drug abuse among youth which can’t be ignored in today’s society. It has been reported that “the greater numbers of young people were reporting weekly consumption of alcohol and young drinkers were consuming larger amounts per drinking occasion” (Coleman & Cater, 2003). Teenagers who persistently use drug out of control often experience serious problems. Those problems are related to physical health, mental health, academic difficulties, social relationships, and so on. Not only negative effects happened to themselves, but also to the family, community, and even the entire society. Due to adolescence are too young to reject addictive drug, the whole society is supposed to alert them to the negative effect of drug abuse. Another reason that people need to pay attention to the issue of the teenage drug abuse is that the economic consequences. The costs related to teenage drug abuse are really high. Financial losses suffered by drug- related crime victims, medical treatment service, and increased burdens for supporting young adults who need to financial aid for living are all be good examples. Teenage drug abuse is so popular because they are in the transit age, and they are experiencing lots of pressure from outside. “Adolescents, however, often turn to prescription medications for help in relieving anxiety, to help them sleep, to enhance concentration, to help them lose weight, and to relieve pain.” (Schwartz-Bloom, R., & McConnell, E, 2006).
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