The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Adolescents

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Addiction in Adolescence
Every human being is unique, however, at some point in our lives we encounter similar experiences. The majority of all of us will go through the teenage stage and being a teenager is extremely complex and a difficult phase. Teenagers experience physiological, social, emotional and psychological changes. All of these changes are going to be shaped uniquely by the teenager’s unique genetic composition, brain development, environment, cultural background and the community influences around them. During brain development teenagers are likely to seek out new experiences that can lead to risky behavior. Nevertheless, that is not the only factor that can influence risk behaviors in adolescents. Poor parental guidance and absentee of a parent (s), peer influences, low self-esteem, mental health predisposition are a few of the factors that can lead adolescents into addiction or drug abuse. Research shows that teenagers are at increased risk of poor mental health, antisocial behavior and risk-taking behavior such as substance misuse (Raising Children Network, 2014). Drug abuse can be the abuse of any drugs without necessarily becoming dependent on the other hand drug addiction is the inability to stop using the drug whereas it becomes a cyclic dependency that takes over the individual life. Drug abuse is a voluntary action that can later on lead to addiction. An addiction is a developmental malady that can begin at an early age or later during the adolescence…
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