The Effects Of Drug Addiction On The Body

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Humans have been recorded using drugs for over 9000 years. During this time, drugs have been used as home remedies for maladies and religious ceremonies, in addition to recreational drug use (Guerra-Doce, 2014). When opioids, hallucinogens, stimulants, inhalants, cannabinoids, depressants, or anabolic steroids appear in recorded history, abuse of these drugs also appear. Writings on ancient Egyptian scrolls show rehabilitation records. Sumerians have writings about opium, using a word that translates to joy ( It is common knowledge that drugs impair movements, brain activity, and are detrimental to the health of human brains, nerves, and other bodily organs. Addiction to these psychotropic drugs negatively affects human fitness in general. Keeping all of this in mind, what compels humans to engage in a behavior that has such harmful effects on the body? Is there any evolutionary benefit of drug addiction? Why has the predisposition in humans to drug addiction not been selected against? Because drug abuse affects individuals of all backgrounds, many studies have documented why individuals choose to use certain drugs and the factors that lead to higher prevalence of substance abuse. These factors are help us understand the reasoning behind why humans have coevolved with drug use and abuse over the millennia, but do not quite fully capture why the traits that lead to addiction have achieved a sufficiently high enough fitness level to find prosperity from…
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