The Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

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Abstract Through studying multiple papers that have assessed the genetic contribution to addiction of drugs and alcohol, it is easy to show that genetics does have a major influence. Some people are born with a predisposition to become addicts, but genetics does not determine if you will become one. Environmental factors do show some effects as to whether the genes responsible for certain behaviors or tendencies are expressed to the point of addiction. By looking at twins, we can see that genetics can have a direct affect on symptoms within the same substance and cross substance effects. There are some receptors that could be potentially used to treat behaviors of addiction, but we are still a long ways from developing the right techniques and methods to safely alter genetics to help treat those who suffer from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. This paper should serve to show that genetics does have an impact.

Introduction In the world we live in, it is common to either know someone or be directly related to someone who struggles with addiction to drugs and or alcohol and it is a common misconception that addiction is a choice and that people choose to become drug or alcohol addicts. Take me for example. My father was addicted to prescription medication, narcotics to be specific. At one point in his life he appeared to have defeated the addiction and had no intent of returning. Long story short, he passed away at the age of fifty years old from drugs. We see…

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