The Effects Of Drug Market Pulling Levers Policing On Neighborhood Violence

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Lastly, we will look at the pulling lever strategy used in High Point. Like the authors say in “The Impact of Drug Market Pulling Levers Policing on Neighborhood Violence”, the reason why they did this study was to “examine the impact of the various place‐based pulling levers interventions that were implemented in High Point” (Corsaro, Hunt, Hipple, McGarrell). The reader can interpret from the article that the purpose is to conclude what context is needed for pulling lever strategies to work in deterrence. They go into an in‐depth statistical analysis describing the sensitivity present as there could be things like “types of selection biases.” Statisticians must be careful when navigating data as we found before where the Panel could not conclude that the pulling lever strategies had a direct relationship between the crime rates. In the article they do come to a conclusion where they find that ”although pulling levers has shown potential when focused on gangs and groups involved with networks of chronic, violent offenders, far less is known about its capacity to diminish violent crime associated with locally operated street drug markets” (Corsaro, Hunt, Hipple, McGarrell). Essentially, it is describing the limitations that are presented with pulling lever strategies. Like multiple of the other articles, they have found that this strategy works for gang-related violence. They question whether the strategy would be as effective if it were applied to crime that is associated

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