The Effects Of Drug Use On Children

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Straight from the womb she was pulled and taken to that scary machine that pumped her lungs clean. Everything happened so fast, she wasn’t able to feel her mother’s touch, hear her voice, or even open her own eyes. She was born addicted and feeding for that supply her mother used so heavily. The family was expecting to see her but was rather informed that she would be spending the next few days in the hospital, and would not be going home anytime soon. She would be placed with people they call her family, people that weren’t her mother and father, but people that would be able to provide her with the things her parents weren’t capable to. And within less than a day 's time, her life was flipped upside down and all she could do nothing but live by it. Her parents were drug addicts; they could help it, but they couldn 't. They were addicts since before and while she was a little speck in the womb. They had no idea as to how drug use would affect them until their child was no longer theirs and now a name within the system; their few brain cells must have acted upon that separation and made them realize that drugs over your child is not the way of life. It led them to get cleaned up for the time needed to prove their capability and stability to care for a child, and that was about it. Their vow to stop using drugs lasted for a couple months, then that boredom and craving for it kicked back in, and they were somehow flinging themselves back onto that same rollercoaster they
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