The Effects Of Drugs And Its Effects On Our Society

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Where has our world come to! Everyday looking on the television there is always something going on in our country. It is not for the better, but always the negative aspect in our world. There has not once been an extraordinary events in our world, but ,major impacts in our society, and fears that emerge because of the effects. Drugs has been one of the issues that has caused fear in our world. Watching television shows provokes drugs, shows development of drugs, and the experiment of drugs. Thinking this is bad, this is just the start. To top this all of, there is even medicine that uses Marijuana! Is our government in control in this aspect! Come on! This is out of the ordinary. There are film discussing the effects of drugs and now the government is allowing drugs as a healing remedy! I disagree that limiting the state 's power should not be enforced because check and balances would be unbalanced, some regulated rules have to come from federal government, and the workload of information from many states may affect our country deeply. States powers ensures the best well being of the citizens within it. As stated in the article, “ US. Government”, “ Full faith and credit clause: Each state must honor other states’ public acts and recordsA citizen of one state is a citizen of every state and is entitled to all the privileges and immunities of those states .Anyone who is charged with a crime in one state and escapes to another state must be returned to the state where the

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