The Effects Of Drugs On Society 's Perspectives On Drugs

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The representation of drugs has been frequently changing since popular songs and films have emerged in the Western nations. These changes varied from a negative perspective to a more open and positive portrayal on drugs from the late 1800s till this present day respectively. The entertainment industry plays a huge role in the influence on society’s perspectives on drugs as some films would have depicted drugs being the cause of violence and tragedy while some other films would portray the drugs as a recreational use for some individuals who feel the need to use it to overcome the adversity of fitting into society or challenge it. Till this present day, even though there is a lot more optimism on the views of drugs than the earlier century, there are still debates on the representation of drugs in the modern society.
The prohibition of drugs was one of the most talked about subjects in the late 1800s to early 1900s because during this period, the entertainment industries used examples such as violence and addiction to portray the imagery of drugs in a negative manner. The film, Reefer Madness (1935) displays the harsh outcomes of a teenage boy who become an addict to marijuana which then led him framing another kid for false murder, leading him to a mental hospital for life because of it. This is a prime example of how propagandist of anti-drug narrators would lay down their perspectives on drugs and influences their ideas onto viewers. Hall (1981, p. 232) talks about how…
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