The Effects Of Drugs On The Health Of Humans

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Due to its necessity in our everyday lives, the ever-growing field of pharmacology provides a wide range of opportunities that allow those following this path to lead very successful careers as pharmacologists. Pharmacologists are scientists who perform experiments in regards to pharmaceutical drugs in order to analyze the effects that certain drugs have on the health of humans. Pharmacologists study the effects of these drugs and work in the development of new or more effective drugs to aid in the treatment and prevention of diseases in humans ("Education & Experiences," n.d. para. 2). Not only do they study the effects that certain drugs have on a individual 's health, pharmacologists also study the drug 's effectiveness in treating and preventing disease as well. Pharmacologists aim to develop drugs that can be used to treat or prevent illness in humans ("Education & Experience," n.d. para. 4). There are a large variety of environments a pharmacologist is able to conduct work in. These work environments are found in health-related organizations, including research laboratories in hospitals, universities, or pharmaceutical companies ("Education & Experiences," n.d. para. 6). In these research laboratories, pharmacologists are able to perform experiments regarding pharmaceutical drugs by revising a drug 's formula through the addition or removal of certain ingredients, and then testing the effects of the new formula on consenting human subjects or animals ("Education &
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