The Effects Of Drugs On The Human Body

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For many years drugs have been around, but most people are not aware of the consequences that it has on the human body. At a young age, we’re told that drugs are bad, but we still don’t exactly know the side effects that come upon from the constant use. In the video, Life on Drugs, show the significant impact that drugs have on people who rely on them everyday. The participants, all drug users, willingly decided to be part of the experiment of drugs. During all of the experiments, the same drug users were tested and they were all analysed sober, but mostly under the influence. The experiments tested the user’s behavior such as, in an everyday task, in a simple life solving exercise and in an emergency situation. Then, the stimulating drugs, such as coke and meth were tested, to see their effects on strength. Despite the fact that these users realized the negative impact of drugs, their addiction prevented them from helping themselves, and accepting the help of others. At the beginning of the video, the first experiment for the drug users was to perform a task that’s done every day. All drug users were taken out to a dangerous free area, to show their driving skills with and without using drugs. The first participant was James, a marijuana user of 40 years, this drug made the user suffer from instant loss of memory and also slowed him down while driving. This was examined that it confuses electrical movements. Then it was Jeff, a meth user, who drove fast, and careless.
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