The Effects Of Drugs On The Human Body

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The United States of American has had one main problem that has terrorize its streets ever since it became a nation. The abuse of substances has become more and more common on this society, that now thinking about legalizing one of its illicit drugs is a main political topic. Even though the United States has become a war on drugs country, many people in its society are still being affected. Out of all the substances that are being abuse in this country, there are three that outstand the rest. The three substances that are being abuse the most in our society are alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine. This writing will analyze four factors. The factors being analyze are: why are this substance harmful, three factors that contribute towards its abuse, what is the community doing to reduce such abuse, and what services are available in order to help people recover from their addictions. Why are these substances harmful Alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine have their own ways of affecting on the human body. However, all three of this powerful substances manipulate in one way or another the function of the brain (Levinthal, 2014). Alcohol, which is the number one substance being abuse in the United States, works as a depressant in a specific area of the brain. Levinthal (2014) states that “the depressant impediments in judgment and thinking of the persons” (p.204). This is the classic feature when someone is drunk. When a person losses its judgment and thinking, usually
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