The Effects Of Duty Station On The Workplace

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from the service member. Due to the high cost of moving, as well as the inability of unmarried service members of low rank to live off-base, it makes more financial sense to marry. Once married the military then pays for spouse and family relocation, therefore when a permanent change of duty station is imminent tying the knot can seem prudent to a couple that is unwilling to separate. According to Lundquist and Xu, both warzone deployments and permanent changes of duty station can heavily impact a couple’s decision to marry (Lundquist). Both of these situations are common and frequent in the military, unlike in the civilian sector, and likely have a significant impact on marriage rates. Of course when it comes to something as life altering as marriage, there are other factors in play. For instance, one should not overlook the isolated environment of being far away from previous support systems and how that affects bonding. A relationship grown during this vulnerable state can also result in faster marital arrangements. Two further contributing factors are commitment and job security. One could argue that those who are willing to sign onto a military contract likely have no qualms about commitment and that compared to the civilian entry-level sector, the military is more secure employment and can result in the confidence to make these long-term commitments. Unfortunately, when compared to the more cohabitation centric civilian community, military communities may seem out
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