The Effects Of E Cigarettes On The Health Organization

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According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills almost six million people each year. As a result, many new products have been brought forward to serve as healthy alternatives; the highest in demand being the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that create a vapor mist from a heated liquid solution when the user inhales on a mouthpiece (Wagaman). As of their creation in 2006, a growing number of people are taking up “vaping” instead of smoking, resulting in an industry worth $2.7 billion worldwide (Senthilingam). Although the product is healthier than the traditional tobacco cigarette, there are many defects that keep it from being the healthiest alternative. Due to its negative health effects, addictive properties, and because it is seen as a gateway for future smokers, purchasing electronic cigarettes should be more highly regulated.
Some researchers have agreed for years that e-cigarettes are less harmful than actual cigarettes because they don’t combust and release carcinogens like a normal tobacco cigarette (Mickle). Although an e-cigarette is not as dangerous as a tobacco cigarette, that does not mean they are necessarily healthy for you. Electronic cigarettes present health risks that many individuals are unaware of. The Food and Drug Administration identified that e-cigarettes contain numerous unknown chemicals. Eighteen different cartridges were analyzed from two leading cigarette manufacturers, including Smoking…
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