The Effects Of E-Smoking And Cigarettes

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Correlation It is not disputed that smoking is harmful to the lungs, but it is commonly claimed that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful if not at all. E-cigarettes are often said to prevent second-hand smoke, the possibly addicting smoke released from burning tobacco products, contains less carcinogens, and are less expensive than traditional cigarettes (11). E-cigarettes still cause damage to the lungs, as nicotine, the active substance of e-cigarettes as well as cigarettes, has been proven to be harmful to the lungs. In an analytical study by Mishra and Chaturvedi in 2014, 3436 articles were accumulated based on their relation to the study of nicotine and their correlation on the development of diseases in organ systems. (22) Out of the 90 articles selected for review (all articles including tobacco use and smoking were removed to prevent confounding caused by carcinogens possibly present within cigarettes), all 90 showed, in animals or humans, a negative effect on the lungs from exposure to nicotine. Nicotine stimulates vagovagal reflex, the natural reflex of the esophagus to constrict to help swallow food. (22) However, this stimulation of the vagovagal reflex when no food is present causes bronchoconstriction and prevents air from being able to travel down to the lungs. In addition, nicotine interferes with the central nervous system, creating respiratory disorders through its irregular breathing pattern induced by bronchoconstriction and apnea (periods of

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