The Effects Of Eating Disorders Among Adolescents

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Childhood experiences are very influential in molding the perspectives regarding body image among individuals. Emotional invalidation coming from ones parents has been shown to be positively correlated with an increased rate of eating disorders among male and female adolescents. Research conducted by Shisslak et al. (1995) showed that among a sample of university students 91% of the women reported attempting to control their weight through a variety of dieting strategies. There are many factors that have been suggested as being responsible for this negative perception of body image, but a major one often researched stems from the relationships within ones own family. Often time’s society is blamed for the development of eating disorders among adolescents. Although I believe that society does play its role through media, Photoshop and other skewed perceptions of ideal bodies, I think that there are many other factors that receive much less attention but continue to be very influential in the development of disturbed eating behaviour. Emotional abuse, particularly emotional invalidation coming from parental figures is one such factor to which research has shown to be positively correlated with the onset of eating disorders (Haslam et al., 2008; Snoek et al., 2007; Mountford et al., 2007; Topham et al., 2011). Emotional Invalidation is often dependent on the victim’s perception of how the perpetrator acted rather than the actual intent of the individual offending the victim…
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