The Effects Of Electronic Devices On The Classroom Setting

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As the world of technology is expanding, so is the expectation of the use of electronic devices. In fact, the number of students who become easily distracted during lectures has increased over the years due to the lack of activities teachers provide for their students. Also, numerous amounts of students who are tactile learners have a short attention span, meaning that they need to engage in the lessons that are being taught in order to retain the information they learned that lesson. Schools must implement the use of electronic devices in the classroom setting; not only will it provide students with a memorable experience, but also allow students to master their technological skills for the future.
Students who suffer from disabilities like cerebral palsy or speech impediment need extra tools to help them accomplish tasks that other students can do on their own. Therefore, using electronic devices will help them experience a better opportunity in class and still feel connected to the students and teachers. For example, “Eight-year-old Alysa Dvash suffers from cerebral palsy;” however, that does not stop her from learning”(“Girl, 8, Fights to Find a Voice”). Her “speech therapist recommended a Dynavox - an electronic device that would help her communicate in class and engage in school activities”(“Girl, 8, Fights to Find a Voice”). Not only will electronic devices help them engage in school but also boost up their self-esteem when talking with others or just inputting their
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