The Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Mental Abuse

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Can a tongue do as much damage as a fist? The seriousness of emotional abuse as opposed to physical abuse is a controversial topic. Some bring the power of emotional abuse into question, alluding that since the threat is not imminent and a person cannot exactly succumb from spoken words, it is not as damaging. However, if a wound or scar is not visible, does it make it any less real or devastating? The effects of emotional abuse are far-reaching and overwhelming, and should therefore receive at least the same sensitivity and awareness, as physical abuse. Jackie, a driven young woman, walks to her office, compliments trailing her like overexcited puppies. It was a very successful meeting and everyone seems satisfied with the outcome. However, Jackie is distracted and barely hears the compliments; they bounce off her like rubber balls. Her mind is a riot of verbal battering her husband subjected her to, the night before. You are lucky I do not throw you out on the street with nothing. Midstride she feels pressure on her arm; she flinches and jerks away involuntarily. Her colleague is commenting on her ability to perform under pressure. She smiles and nods on cue but politely excuse herself to eliminate any possibility of a prolonged conversation. You are a sorry excuse for a human being. Finally, she is at her office, she looks down as she unlocks her door, the tremor in her hand is barely noticeable, but it is there. She enters her immaculate office, closes the door softly,
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