The Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On An Individuals ' Leadership Abilities

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Recently, researchers have examined how emotional intelligence or EI plays a role in an individuals’ leadership abilities (e.g. Neck, Manz, & Houghton, 2017; Houghton, Wu, Godwin, Neck, & Manz, 2011; Goleman, 2004). Understanding emotional intelligence is important because it helps leaders understand their values and goals (Goleman, 2004 p. 2); furthermore, it helps individuals understand or regulate other persons emotional as well (Neck, et al., 2017 p. 145). Emotional intelligence has become such a staple in leadership that psychologist have begun to study EI in low-level positions as well (Goleman, 2004 p. 2). Currently, in my position as an Academic Advisor, I do not have any leadership positions besides advising students. Having the…show more content…
Goleman (2004) expressed that leaders with high emotional intelligence are not overly critical or unrealistically hopeful and have I self-confidence (p. 3). One of my strengths, as associated by Clifton 's Strenthfinder 2.0, was intellections. Intellection is a strength or talent to think (Rath, 2007 p. 129). Unfortunately, according to Welch, Grossaint, Reid, and Walker, (2014) when leaders overuse their strengths, their strengths become weaknesses or a shadow (p. 27, 30). As I think about my self-confidence, I have a tendency to over analyze a situation. Another aspect of self-awareness that is critical for leaders is honesty. Although I am honest to others and my abilities, I have the potential to downgrade my strengths because I am overly critical of myself. To increase my self-awareness, it is important that I improve my confidence through building a relationship (Welch, et al., 2014 p. 24). I can analyze my self-work writing a note to myself, every time I feel down, I could read that note to overcome doubt. Another self-development strategies I can use it to print out every time I receive an uplifting message from a student. Reviewing positive notes from students will help me see that I am making an impact in students’ life. Building Self-awareness gives me the ability to stand confidently with my decision making in a project, committee or budgets. As a
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