The Effects Of Emotional Regulation On Leadership Abilities

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Leadership is perhaps the most well studied aspect of this research proposal, but has only minimally been looked at in relation to emotions and stressful situations. Leadership is such a broad concept that any viewing of it from a particular perspective may yield new results. Understanding if leaders can benefit from emotion regulation training is important due to the many factors that can impact leadership abilities (Arnold et al., 2015; Foti & Hauenstein, 2007). Openings and gaps in the literature exist because there are so many factors that can impact successful leadership, and many times correlations or other qualitative methods are used because of the complexity. Quantitative methods are needed to support much of this information, and…show more content…
Understanding this may allow for better training and increased effectiveness in an ever increasingly stressful global work setting. Through the independent variable of emotion regulation training, leadership effectiveness can be evaluated within a controlled setting, where stress is induced in a similar manner as would be seen in an organizational environment.
For this research proposal, an experiment will be performed in which there will be two group members in different rooms, and they can communicate directly with the leader of the group, but there is a time delay when speaking to each other (about a 2 second delay). The group leader and group members will each have a computer on which they complete a series of puzzles, and a headset with a microphone to communicate with each other. A separate button will have to be pressed each time to talk, in order to prevent group members from circumventing the delay and communicating to each other using the group leaders microphone. Each group member will have half the pieces to a complex shape or figure showing on a computer screen, but they can only see the pieces on their computer screen, not the other group member’s computer. Group member can only see their own pieces, while the group leader can see both members’ pieces on a separate computer screen in a different room, and also how they line up on the monitor. The group leader will need to coordinate the efforts of both group members to complete the figure
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