The Effects Of Environment On The Environment

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Research Report Humans effect the environment in many ways, some negative and some positive. While learning about all of the problems people cause, in my opinion that population is the worst thing that humans are doing to our world, but that population cannot be looked at alone. It really goes hand in hand with overconsumption. With the population of earth as of 2014 being 7.1 billion and the United Nations projecting that by 2050 it will hit 8.1 billion we have to figure out a way to reduce what we are consuming. (Population Division Technical Paper No. 2011/3, n.d.) The effects on the environment that population causes cannot be looked at the same way for every person in the world. People in some countries are not going to have the same impact on the environment that someone who lives in another country would have. None the less population increases at the rate that it is growing everyone will have to consume less. As the Ehrilich’s have stated “Two billion people, all else being equal, put more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than one billion people. Two billion rich people disrupt the climate more than two billion poor people. Three hundred million Americans consume more petroleum than 1.3 billion Chinese.” (Paul R. Ehrlich, 2008) Right now with population growing at a rate much faster than ever before, on top of a need for more of everything. We are over consuming and using up our natural resources faster than we can replace them in most cases. We are using
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