The Effects Of Environmental Factors On Enzyme Activity

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Effects of Environmental Factors (pH) on Enzyme Activity
Michael Havro

Effect of pH Level on Enzyme Activity as a Function of Time. Michael Havro, 2015, Functional Biology, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666.
Environmental factors affect the activity level of enzymes in a cell. We investigated the relationship between the environmental factor, pH level, and the activity level of the enzyme catechol oxidase over time. Solutions of varying pH levels were mixed containing catechol and catechol oxidase and then measured for absorbance level using a photospectrometer. Acidic solutions (pH < 7) had a generally higher absorbance value than the alkaline solutions (pH > 7). Acidic solutions steadily decreased in absorbance over time while alkaline solutions increased in absorbance after some time had passed. We concluded that acidic solutions, specifically 2 pH, were a more ideal environment for the enzyme catechol oxidase.
The first enzyme discovery was made by Anselme Payen, who discovered and isolated diastase, a starch-splitting enzyme, in 1833 (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2015). Enzymes are tiny protein molecules that have the important job of speeding up and regulating chemical reactions in living organisms. They speed up chemical reactions in the body by a minimum of one million times the normal reaction speed, so that the reaction is much more useful to the cell and has quicker access to the…
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