The Effects Of Environmental Possibility On The Environment

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In contemporary society, environmental protection has aroused widespread concern all over the world. ‘Environmental sustainability is a key issue for human societies throughout the 21st century’s world’ (Charles Vlek & Linda Steg, 2007, pg1). It is inevitable that some natural disasters occur, which causes damage to the environment, but human activity is another main reason for environmental destruction. With the development of technology and economy, a increasing number of human activities tend to be conducted in the natural environment, which hasten the rise of consumption. Ecologists note that the environment supplies many “goods and services”for human beings (de Groot et al., 2002). Bountiful nature offers people many valuable resources, so it is urgent that action is taken to restrict human activities due to the negative effects on the ecosystem. The illustration of different problems will be followed by solutions and evaluation respectively. It will be argued that different kinds of environmental problems have corresponding solutions.
First of all, the most terrible situation that can be witnessed is pollution, attracting considerable concern in a large number of organizations in the world. Chris Woodford(2017) suggested that as the industrialization moves towards the global scale, the speed of the pollution’s spread becomes faster. Chemicals released by some factories and waste which comes from people’s daily life transform clean water into sewage. Additionally,
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