The Effects Of European Integration On The Regional Independence

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We can have a long list of regions within EU that are seeking for independence: Scotland, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Flanders, Venetian, Bavarian, Corsica and more is coming. Although each case has its distinct story, they have some common reasons for separatism, for example, due to long-term history tension, culture difference, different national identity perceived by people, minority groups under representative and economic inequality. Besides, benefits such as regional sovereign are both motivations and reasons for regions to secede. Many scholars also argue that the integration of Europe is another spur of the independence movements. However, I will argue that the effect of European integration on the regional independence is…show more content…
Its prosperous development of economy also draws labours from the rest of the state. However, Catalans do not have the control of their own wealth. Every year Catalonia is taxed for about €20 billion, about 10% of Catalonia’s GDP, by the Spanish government and never return back as social investments (Srmava, 2014). The Spanish government use that money to subsidise other poorer regions. Staying in Spain now become a brake to the development of Catalonia’s economics. The hypothesis for partition of Belgium is based on the similar story. The state is divided by language and history and economics inequality into Flanders and Wallonia. The case for Scotland is a bit different as people use the same language and share the culture. The two major arguments are the oil and currency. North Sea oil and gas reserves can help Scotland to become one of the richest countries in the world after independence. Moreover, Scotland led by Salmond wants to join the common currency union, while the London-based government does not. The former said “this is for the good of everyone”, because of removal obstacles for transaction within EU and increasing the competitiveness. The Cameron government argued back that joining a currency union would reduce the autonomy of economics, and the recent financial crisis showed the fragility of the euro system at the moment. Although language and culture differences provide good reasons for separatism literally, in
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