The Effects Of Excessive Amounts Of Preservatives On The Food

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There are numerous problems going on in America currently; some have more attention than others. The declining health due to a poor diet in America is one problem that is recently receiving more attention, as it should. However, a major factor is being overlooked. Excessive amounts of additives placed in food is a problem. These additives are causing numerous health problems that are literally killing us. I am bringing up the idea that we need to demand the government and FDA to better monitor what goes into our food. Consumers also need to demand a change. This means choosing not to buy preserved food, cutting back on the unnatural foods, and supporting farmer’s markets. In this paper, I will argue that the excessive amounts of…show more content…
Just like it is easy and quick to buy and consume preserved foods, it easier to make them this way. By adding preservatives, producers are able to lengthen the amount of time that they are still considered safe to eat. They are also used to add coloring, flavoring, and vitamins or minerals that the food would otherwise be lacking. There are two types of additives, natural and unnatural. Natural additives are items such as salt, sugar, and vinegar. Unnatural additives are monosodium glutamate (a food enhancer), benzoic acid (a preservative used in fruit juices), and food stabilizers such as gums and waxes (H.S. Jeon). In addition to these, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is allowing about 3,000 more additives such as these in our food. Excessive amounts of additives in our food is a problem that is not receiving enough attention from the government. Companies also seem unconcerned with the problem because they are able to make large amounts of money by selling items in larger packs. The shelf life of food is extended due to the preservatives, which means it is cheaper for the consumer as well. Rather than having to buy food continuously because it spoils, families are now able to buy food that will last for long amounts of time, which means they will have to buy less. Some argue that preservatives in our food is not as big of a problem as we are making it to be. To provide some information on the
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