The Effects Of Excessive Police Violence On Citizen Crime Reporting Essay

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This study examines how incidents of excessive police violence influence citizen crime reporting. As our main case study, we examine one of Milwaukee’s most publicized moments of police brutality: the 2004 beating of an unarmed black man, Frank Jude, by white police officers. Using an interrupted time series design, we analyze patterns of police-related 911 calls before and after the Jude beating was made public in the Milwaukee press. Controlling for several neighborhood characteristics, along with fixed effects for neighborhoods and months, we find that residents of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods were far less likely to report a crime after Jude’s beating was broadcast. Over half of the total loss in 911 calls occurred in black neighborhoods. Supplemental analyses show that other local and national cases of police violence against unarmed black men also had an impact on crime reporting in Milwaukee. The Independent variable would be Jude beating, and as for the dependent variable will be the 911 calls. The purpose of this study is to define the relationship between violence and crime reporting in a Milwaukee black community. This study moves beyond the limitations of previous research by analyzing the effects of publicizing police violence cases on crime reporting via 911 calls. The evidence for their study does not rely on accounts of past behavior or projections of future action, but on the complete universe of every crime reported in Milwaukee over the course of seven years.
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