The Effects Of Excessive Stress On Our Lives

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One of the most important fact of human being is they pay attention to every single detail in their lives. In addition, not only they tend to worry about their present, but they also try to remember their past and continue thinking about their future. As a result, people can be exposed to prolonged stress by continuously worrying about something. Even though stress is a natural response of a human body and we need a moderate level of stress to live our life and achieve something that is essential for us. We usually feel this type of stress right before a performance or an important presentation ( Is Stress always bad, para. 9). However, excessive stress can be extremely dangerous for our body, inhibiting our ability to shut down the stress switch. In addition, when we continuously worry about things that happens in our everyday lives, such as afriad of public speaking, NY subways, traffic jams, final exams, abusive boss, house mortgage etc, our body tend to produce more deadly hormones than we need to function properly (Mercola, 2014) In the film, Stanford University neurobiologist Dr. Sapolsky shows the hazardous effects of prolonged stress in our everyday lives. According to Dr. Sapolsky our ability to think deeply about something contributes our tendency to wallow in a corrosive bath of hormones. (Sapolsky, 2008). These extensive amounts of hormone can be life- threatening for us which takes away our healthy state of mind. Recent studies have shown enhanced

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