The Effects Of Exercise On Lungs

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Have you ever wondered how your lungs function? We use our lungs in our everyday lives, and I have always wondered how are lungs function. For my science fair project, I want to learn everything there is to know about lungs and lung capacity so I can help people when they have a question about that part of their body. This topic interests me because I want to be a doctor in the near future. I believe that learning more about the respiratory system may help explain how the lungs function. The human respiratory system is made up of a series of body functions that make it possible for you to inhale and exhale. A series of organs for inhaling oxygen, and exhaling carbon dioxide is the respiratory system (Zimmermann, Kim Ann). Organs of the respiratory…show more content…
The average person’s lung capacity can be increased by 5 to 15 percent (The Effects of Exercise on Lung Capacity). Exercises, or sports that involve running, swimming, and cycling affect your lung capacity, other sports may not have the same affect (Banar, Maura). Exercise can cause your heart and breathing rates to increase, delivering fresh oxygen to the bloodstream, and more energy to the muscles (The Effects of Exercise on Lung Capacity). The most effective workout that encourages improvements in lung capacity is high-intensity aerobic training, which includes running and swimming (Banar, Maura). Lung capacity can also be increased by regular aerobic workouts, but only by a minimum amount (The Effects of Exercise on Lung Capacity). If your sport doesn't emphasize lung capacity, your muscles can still thrive, allowing you to still increase lung capacity during physical challenges (Banar, Maura). Exercising can affect your lung capacity instantly or within a few minutes (The Effects of Exercise on Lung Capacity). By exercising you are increasing and toning the heart and lungs, which is improving ranges of motion (The Effects of Exercise on Lung
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