The Effects Of Exposure Therapy On Children

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Why You Still Don 't Have a Girlfriend

"If I were to boil it down, the biggest mistake is that they tend to think of themselves as unworthy of any girl." -Tynan

You don 't see yourself worthy of having a girlfriend.

That is why you still won 't make the first move.

That is why you continue to live in your own little bubble.

You need to get out of your head and start playing the game called life.

In other words, stop seeing yourself as special or different, but also don 't see yourself as any less than anyone else.

And, yes, being yourself is all you need, but being yourself, as you know, is easier said than done.

So how can you see yourself as worthy of a girlfriend?

Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy does work. You 'll see in time that women do respond to you and that you are worthy of their time. can 't get exposure therapy in your mom 's basement.

And, remember, exposure therapy has to be consistent to work.

As I keep saying, a job where you have to interact with different people all the time is probably your best bet (retail, sales, etc.). It forces consistence.

Just make sure it 's with a culture that wants to get to know you.

But exposure therapy goes both ways. If you don 't approach, then your brain rewires itself to not approach in those situations. And if you spend each weekend alone in your room instead of going out, your brain prunes away the socializing neurons you aren 't using.

That 's why doing exposure therapy completely alone isn 't
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