The Effects Of Extensive Reading On Reading

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This study is designed to discuss the effects of the extensive reading approach compared with the intensive reading approach for language learners’ reading and give some considerations for implementing the extensive reading in EFL classroom. There is definite limitations that the current intensive reading approach cannot guide second language learners to be fluent and pleasant readers. Many studies and research prove the positive effects of extensive reading on reading speed, reading fluency, vocabulary development and strong desire towards reading. To overcome the practical obstacles ( time-consuming, complicated, and expensive), teachers should think about the detailed considerations for implementing the extensive reading in classroom.…show more content…
Unsatisfactory results may cause students to move from one academy to another one, which means they cannot get the impact from one teaching method such as extensive reading. Some elementary schools use extensive reading through online courses to assist the intensive reading method; however, extensive reading is not used in Korean classrooms at all. Instead the intensive reading method focusing on phonemic awareness, structure analysis, vocabulary learning, and comprehension check-ups is used in classrooms, in which teachers presume this method guides students to be good readers. Thus, in this paper, using extensive reading to supplement skills building reading, or intensive reading in EFL classrooms, is discussed through focusing on the following issues: the limitations of skills building reading or intensive reading, the effectiveness of extensive reading, and some considerations for implementing extensive reading in an EFL classroom. The limitations of skills building or intensive reading The intensive reading or skills building method, which is commonly used in ESL/EFL classrooms, assists students in acquiring detailed meaning from the reading materials, developing reading skills, and enhancing vocabulary and grammatical knowledge in a relatively
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