The Effects Of Facebook On Social Media

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The Effects of Facebook
Jeffrey Te
West Coast University

Abstract The empowering social media, also known as Facebook, has created a very indulging way to influence society in both a positive and negative way. Facebook has created different routes for society to gait upon in many different terms such as communication, relationships, business, cyber-bullying, depression, and a lack of privacy. Facebook’s demand has been stapled onto society since the original high school version launched in 2007, and now has been developed to an even more professional organization. The usage of this social media has definitely built a barrier, both strong and weak, for society to grow within rendering upon the popularity of it. Facebook will continue to grow both positively and negatively alongside with society.

The Facebook Effect There are over 1.3 billion active users as of today who have/had a Facebook account (Digital Marketing Ramblings, 2014). If Facebook were to be classified as a country, it would be the third largest country next to China and India (Grossman, 2014). This perfectly demonstrates the succession of this large corporation, which will keep growing in numbers due to the major impacts it has already done to society. The demand for Facebook has grown quite exquisitely throughout the years. Facebook has not only become a platform for social media in general, but has become a vehicle that has drove the influence of people in their modern…

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