The Effects Of Facebook 's Mood And Body Image Perception Essay

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of Facebook use to women’s mood and body image perception and to see if these effects are different from the effects of online magazine. Information that supports a problem Facebook has over a billion active users. It is the most popular social media platform that is still growing its numbers worldwide. Given that 10 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every hour, it easily provides a medium for engaging in appearance-related social comparison, especially among women. Since Facebook allow its users to upload edited and often enhanced images, women are presenting the best version of themselves. A study found that spending 20 min on Facebook lead to more negative mood than did browsing the Internet in general (not including social networking sites) or spending no time online. Multiple studies also demonstrated that individuals who spend more time on Facebook believed that others are happier and have better lives than themselves. Depth of the authors’ literature review Extensive literature was done prior to the study. The authors’ evaluated previous experimental research regarding body image and appearance related literatures. Moreover, they also examined other factors that influences idealized bodies such as magazine, television, and music videos. The authors considered multiple components of attractiveness for women such as face, hair, and skin and how these components play a role in body image concerns. Methods

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