The Effects Of Factory Farming On Livestock, Human Beings And The Environment

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Citing “dominion” over animals as a rationale for cruel, and even sadistic, practices has a perverse quality to it. Respect for life extends beyond human beings. It is a respect for the miracle of life, in all of its forms. While I don 't think it 's ethically wrong to raise animals for food, it is disturbing to see the conditions under which many animals are raised and slaughtered. Humane treatment for all animals is something we should strive for. We need regulations to prohibit harmful farming practices that will be anathema to conservatives from farm states. Despite all the dazzling technological advances and other areas of progress we will never be truly refined or civilized unless we learn to treat animals with compassion and appreciate their space in the larger order of things. This research paper seeks to evaluate the effect of factory farming with respect to its implications on livestock, human beings and the environment. Sub‐divisions to each main point will be evaluated. If one was to walk into any fast-food restaurant they would most likely be able to find a “value” meal for a price that is almost too good to be true. For the low income/budget conscious family struggling to make ends meet, a cheap meal may seem tough to pass up. Animal factory farming advocates have often addressed America’s inexpensive fast-food prices as proof that the new industrial farming system is working and readily able to supply food to the masses. Many people fail to realize that the
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