The Effects Of Faking On Personality Assessments

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Personality assessments are a tool used frequently in organizations. However, the phenomena of faking on personality assessments is a relevant concern in the selection process.
Research regarding faking on personality assessments have revealing that faking and the distortion of responses does occur. In addition, research has been conducted to determine how to detect when faking occurs on a personality assessment. Furthermore, research has been conducted showing the individual characteristics does influence a respondents conscious decision to distort response on assessments. However, there is a lack of research that focuses on various individual, situational, and motivational characteristics and how they impact an individuals tendency to fake. Studies involving the Mixed Mode Item Response Theory (MM-IRT) and the interactional model of response distortion will be examined and discussed in relation to similar studies. This study further seeks to determine if a variation and correlation exists between individual differences and faking on personality assessments. It is hypothesized that a significant variance between groups will be identified, and that individual differences do have an impact on faking in respondents. In order to make personnel professionals and organizational leaders more aware of the faking phenomenon, how to identify it, and what causes it, research needs to continue surrounding this topic.

Introduction Pre-employment tests are used within
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