The Effects Of Family Therapy On The Treatment And Management Of Adolescent

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The use of family therapy in the treatment and management of adolescent anorexia nervosa has been established since the 1970s, when Minuchin began a trial of family therapy as an intervention within a population of adolescent anorexia nervosa patients. (14) While these patients ' other treatments were inconsistent, with some inpatient and some undergoing individual therapy, the commonality between them was a focus on family therapy. While this was not a clinical trial, 86% of patients showed positive outcomes at follow-up, a cause for optimism and catalyst for further examination (15). A team of clinical researchers at London 's Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, led by family therapists Christopher Dare and Ivan Eisler, was…show more content…
(6; 17) Phase 2 is begun when the patient has begun eating in more normal quantities, and is gaining weight at a consistent rate; the patient at this stage has been fighting anorexia and is beginning to win. Also characterising this stage is a feeling of relief and accomplishment among the family; the patient has been helped to pull herself out of immediate physical danger and take charge of the disorder rather than the disorder taking charge of her. During this stage, the responsibility for eating is gradually returned to the patient as appropriate to her age and development, re-affording her control and autonomy. (6; 17) The therapy at this stage focuses on challenging her distorted ideas on food and weight. (18) Phase 3 begins when the adolescent is maintaining a healthy weight and is eating consistently and autonomously, without engaging in self-starvation. During this phase, the focus moves from the adolescent 's eating habits to the establishing of her identity as a young person, her growing independence as appropriate to her age and stage of development, and the shifting of the balance of the family away from focusing on the eating disorder. (6; 17) The
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