The Effects Of Fast Food On The Food Industry

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Fast Food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served quickly. Typically the term refers to food sold in an economical restaurant served to the customer for eating there or elsewhere but, any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food. It might seem harmless, satisfy your hunger, and be cheap, but research has shown there are more severe consequences beyond just gaining a couple pounds. The food industry is run very intelligently in that they have many clever business strategies designed for the sole purpose of earning money. Their main targets are children and students to make billions of dollars in profit. In a world ever changing and constantly speeding up, people choose to eat at fast food restaurants because it’s quick, efficient, and delicious. However many do not know the truth behind it and the harmful effects that are contributed to eating fast food. Not only can fast food cause illnesses, but it also makes its way towards obesity and food poisoning. As a result, one should wisely think before eating at any fast food restaurant, not just from experience working at the fast food restaurant Carl’s Jr., but also due to the ever-increasing amount of facts and statistics pointing to the unhealthy nature of the fast food industry.
Some interesting facts come into connection; did you know that most Americans eat three burgers a week and that 81% of Americans consume junk food while driving? It comes as no surprise, since people…
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